Long Paper | MAKERS PEDAGOGY (Track A) & CODING (Track B)

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Long Paper MAKERS PEDAGOGY (Track A)

Digital skills, university choice and non-cognitive skills: a Randomized Trial

Martina Francesca Ferracane, Alice Dominici and Adriano de Falco

Long Paper | We randomly expose Italian high school students from different majors to courses taught by Fab Labs, and assess the impact of this exposition on students’ university choice, their attitude towards quantitative subjects, grit, and creativity..

Building & Learning. LEGO Bricks for the collective construction of knowledge

Elena Liliana Vitti, Margherita Maria Sacco and Alberto Parola

Long Paper | The presented educational path is part of a three-year action-research project. The aim is to transmit highly complex topic in the form of a game during Technology school hours, adapting the methodology to the context without change the primary goals..

Long Paper CODING (Track B)

Analysis of transversal skills acquired through game-learning

Alessandro Bile, Gianmarco Nicita and Davide Di Vito

Long Paper | We show how at the Digital Education Lab, the choice to exploit technology and game-learning methods has led to excellent results with respect to the learning of scientific concepts by primary and middle school students..