We are pleased to present to you the book Proceedings of the International Conference Fablearn Italy 2021.

This volume collects contributions from experts in the field, coming from different parts of the world, who have discussed the latest developments in robotics, coding, makers, and education, providing interesting insights for the world of schools.

The conference saw the participation of industry experts from around the world, who engaged in panels and roundtable discussions.

The proceedings book will offer you the opportunity to closely acquaint yourself with the ideas and proposals of the speakers, as well as delve into fundamental topics such as coding, educational robotics, maker education, and much more.

If you are a technology enthusiast or a teacher searching for new educational tools, you cannot miss this invaluable opportunity. Download the conference proceedings book on robotics, coding, makers, and education now, and make it your own step by step.

We invite all interested individuals to download and utilize it as a working tool for professional development and personal growth.

We remain available for any further information and wish everyone an enjoyable read.