Vai al programma completo di Fablearn 2021


Makerspace and Fablab at school: realizing a maker approach to teaching and learning, new models, emerging methods and instruments.


3D School

Giorgio Gasparini

Short Paper | 3D school is an educational 3D printing project successfully presented at the National Digital School Award in Italy. I am convinced that, like S.L. Martinez and G. Stager say, “invent to learn” and you do it better if you do it together with others..

Building & Learning. LEGO Bricks for the collective construction of knowledge

Elena Liliana Vitti, Margherita Maria Sacco and Alberto Parola

Long Paper | The presented educational path is part of a three-year action-research project. The aim is to transmit highly complex topic in the form of a game during Technology school hours, adapting the methodology to the context without change the primary goals..

Cooperative methods, use of digital tools and lifelong training: a way to move forward during distance learning

Anna Crespiatico

Short Paper | In this paper we describe the combination of our cooperative method and of digital tools, which has been strengthened, speeded up and spread among all colleagues of our team, thanks to the challenge offered by distance learning..

Culturally responsive maker-space learning model towards meaningful education for marginalised communities

Ridhi Aggarwal and Rahul Aggarwal

Short Paper | The following paper discusses on various aspects of maker spaces in Ramdwari village bringing a meaning to traditional practices by establishing a link between local practices and conceptual knowledge and frameworks..

Digital skills, university choice and non-cognitive skills: a Randomized Trial

Martina Francesca Ferracane, Alice Dominici and Adriano de Falco

Long Paper | We randomly expose Italian high school students from different majors to courses taught by Fab Labs, and assess the impact of this exposition on students’ university choice, their attitude towards quantitative subjects, grit, and creativity..

Numeral system, arithmetic machines and coding

Matteo Torre

Short Paper | The paper presents an educational path on the evolution of aritmethic machines. In addition to the math history topics, some hours were dedicated to build a “perpetual abacus” and its development in programming language, passing from making to coding..

Robotics for everyone: an experience of Educational Robotics and Coding for differently skillful pupils

Laura Cusanno

Short Paper | A lab experience on Educational Robotics and Coding is reported, which was specifically targeted to differently skillful pupils. Qualitative observations showed that such activities may help pupils to improve involvement, attention and socialization..

TikTok as a learning environment in primary school

Fabiana Barone

Short Paper | The paper describes a didactic project on using TikTok as an authentic learning environment for the development of literacy skills, with high cross-disciplinary level, in a fourth grade of primary school of an institute close to Turin..

Tinkering with Biological Materials

Lina Cannone

Short Paper | In this paper I describe a series of biotinkering activities in a public elementary school on the edge of Rome. The experimentation started last year and is still in progress. It involves three classes of nine-year-old girls and boys..

Ulisse on the road. From book to digital storyboards. Program for primary school.

Fabiana Barone

Short Paper | This paper describes the phases of an instructional design activated in a fourth class of a primary school. The focus is the short cartoon production by the students as a reworking of the Odissea, with digital storyboard and dubbing app..